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"Depending on which piece of research I read, something up to 92% of all projects fail to meet the benefits which were promised in the business plan. Why is this so? How can we learn from our experiences to plan and implement better in the future - so that we can hit the time and costs we promised, and above all, deliver value to the organisation?"

Preparing people for the challenges of project work



What is it?

Cayenne is a business simulation which can be run over 6 to 8 hours, for groups of between 9 and 24 participants, working in teams. Participants wotk in teams to review a large project which was not entirely successful. They go back to review the key stages and events, identfy the hot buttons, and determine what key actions and decisions they would have handled differently.

Each team operates with limited resources (time, money, etc), diagnoses key problems and events, and decides how they would act in those circumstances. Their choice of resource allocation and problem solving will have an impact on the time and cost of the project, and the value which is added to the stakeholders.

What does it cover?

Cayenne follows a typical project through its various phases - pre-study, design development, and implementation. It uses project management methodology and language, with all key results measured in terms of time, cost and added value.

IIt can be used as a stand-alone simulation, or as part of a longer project team event which focuses on the client project, team-building, planning, etc.

Who is it for?

The simulation is suited to all the people involved in running a project. More specifically, it can be used as an intervention to get an existing project back on track, kick-off a new project on the right foot, and build a common language and understanding in a project team.

What are the benefits?

Participants in Cayenne are better able to:

  • Balance the needs of different stakeholder groups
  • Identify and use key performance measures
  • Identify symptoms and signs of potential problems in a project
  • Better prepared for running different phases of a project
  • Identify the key levers which can help make a project more successful

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We at X Learning have many years of experience in running Cayenne in many business sectors in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. More widely, Cayenne has been run successfully on thousands of occasions around the world through Celemi's business partners. You can see client testimonials at Celemi.

Please contact us to find out more and to discuss your requirements.


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