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Business Simulations

We are an accredited provider of a range of business simulations from Celemi. These simulations typically involve participants working in small teams, often in competition with each other, to run a business through dealing with a range of internal and external issues. The simulations typically last between one and three days, each one addressing different organisational and business challenges, and can be run in their vanilla format, or combined with additional content for a bespoke organisaitonal solution.

Please click on the links for more specific information on each, or contact us to find out more.

  • Decision Base: interfunctional co-operation in a competitive environment. Participants take over the running of a capital-intensive company competing for customers in a highly competitive and changing marketplace. Participants take on key roles in the business and aim to create a strategy which delivers shareholder value in the long term, whilst dealing with constantly changing short term issues such as cash flow.
  • Tango: Managing talent and knowledge. Participants run a people-intensive business to create both tangible and intangible value - developing the brand, people and client base - whilst constantly competing for the right clients and the right people.
  • Apples and Oranges: Business finance for everyone. Business finance is brought to life as participants take over the running of a business and are invited to act like business owners, understanding the impact of both strategic and day-to-day operations on the financial performance of the business. Available in both service and manufacturing versions.
  • Enterprise: Staying ahead in a changing world. Participants manage a service business in a highly competitive marketplace offering both risks and rewards. Financial performance, product development, capacity utilisation, planning and customer segmentation are all integral to this simulation.
  • Cayenne: Securing project success. Most projects fail to achieve the benefits claimed in the business case. Participants work in teams to diagnose the critical events in the life of project, and focus resources on what they see as the critical points in order to deliver on time, within budget, and to add value.

The buzz about business simulations

What is a business simulation? Our business simulations are engaging and interactive methods of learning. People learn by doing - often without realising they are learning - by immersing themselves in the running of a business. Participants work together as the board or management of a company, making decisions and running the business themselves. Once the basic business model is understood, new information is gradually introduced, increasing the complexity and therefore the challenges. People work together as a team to make decisions, plan strategies, take action, learn from the results of their decisions, and adjust strategy and operations as necessary.

Our simulations are tactile, tangible experiences, run in a competitive environment which creates the motivation and enthusiasm to succeed and learn. They are frequently noisy, busy, competitive events.

Business Games

We can also offer a range of shorter business games (2 to 4 hours) on a stand-alone basis or as part of a longer training programme or corporate event. Please contact us for more information.


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We are an accredited Celemi Solution Provider.