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I keep hearing that people are our greatest assets. But we struggle to attract and retain the best people. Some work well with clients, others don't seem to gel with them at all. And others just don't seem to be as effective or motivated as we thought they would be. Perhaps that saying should say "the right people are our greatest assets"...

Creating value and success through people



What is it?

Tango is a business simulation which can be run over 2 days or longer (depending on any additional content you wish to build in) and for groups of between 9 and 24 participants, working in teams. Participants take over the running of a people-intensive and knowledge-intensive business, taking on the specific roles of planning, finance, marketing & sales, and development. Each team is in competition with the others, and the actions of each team will impact the others.

Each team makes strategic decision around growth, attracing new clients, recruiting people, and development of the organisation's processes and systems. Then they strive to implement the strategy and the consequent operational challenges in a highly competitive and changing environment, competing for clients, talent, negotiating with financiers, responding to external events, balancing cash flow and profitability, and reporting on financial and business performance.

What does it cover?

Tango covers many business issues. Participants and their teams will be exposed to issues including:

  • Bulding shareholder value
  • Attracting and retaining the right employees
  • Attracting and retatining the right clients
  • Business strategy
  • Capacity utilisation
  • Growing both tangible and intangible assets
  • Developing processes and tools for efficient delivery
  • Talent management
  • Short term profit versus long term value
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Organisational culture
  • Brand image
  • Reputation
  • Financial statements and financial analysis

Who is it for?

The simulation is suited to a wide range of managerial roles, stratgeic planning teams, HR, Learning and Development teams, consultants in knowledge businesses, project managers and programme managers. It is also excellent for more junior managers in getting to grips with how the various functions of a business need to work together.

What are the benefits?

Participants in Tango are better able to:

  • Make decisions whch balance short term goals with long term strategy and planning
  • Understand the link between business strategy and recruitment and HR strategies
  • Understand how an employee's job and development path fit with the overall business strategy
  • Understand business finance and KPIs
  • Improve talent management skills
  • Manage the mix of clients and people to improve profit, productivity and culture
  • Understand the need to develop people and processes
  • Appreciate the significance of organisational culture
  • Recruit, retain and develop the right employees
  • Appreciate how brand and reputation contribute to a business's market value.

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We at X Learning have many years of experience in running Tango in many business sectors in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. More widely, Tango has been run successfully on thousands of occasions around the world through Celemi's business partners. You can see client testimonials at Celemi.

Please contact us to find out more and to discuss your requirements.


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